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About Yirlania Blanco


Yirlania Blanco, a real estate agent who turned her profession into a lifestyle


Freedom means owning our own lives”, states, Yirlania Blanco Ovares. The 35- year-old, originally from Heredia Costa Rica, has been able to successfully strike a balance between her work and personal life as a realtor and home remodeler in the Pacific Coast area of Costa Rica. Her life affirmation is to always strive to live life to its fullest with freedom and confidence in ever step she takes.

After graduating from Nuestra Señora de Lourdes high school in Santo Domingo, she ventured to the United States in the search of better employment opportunities and hone her English at Norwalk Community College in Connecticut. Her experience abroad proved to be a great learning opportunity and as a young adult, quickly became independent, learning important life skills managing her personal finances and overall, proving to be resilient and to cultural change.

After returning to Costa Rica, Yirlania attended the Universidad Latina, earning a degree in Hospitality Management in 2013 and where she also explored other areas including Customer Service, Accounting, Finance and Human Resources. The youngest of three siblings, Blanco inherited a penchant for business at an early age from her parents who are merchants and have their own business. According to Blanco, her parents were mostly responsible for guiding and teaching her about the importance of investing.

Despite many setbacks, Yirlania Blanco has earned professional success. From 2006 to 2009 she was a barista and bartender in Connecticut, U.S.A, and later worked in the Food and Beverage Department at the Real Intercontinental Hotel in San José and in 2013 as a receptionist at the Hyatt Place Hotel. During 2017-2019, Blanco balanced motherhood and work as a tour guide in the family business and then, at only 23 years of age, she invested in her first property, a house she purchased from her own savings after working in the United States. Yirlania remodeled the house to reflect her enthusiasm, motivation and love of life, eventually selling it and making a profit.

Home remodeling led her to discover her passion for Real Estate. Having entered the field without much experience, her hard work and discipline paid off, leading to her first real estate venture. Using her earnings from that sale, she purchased a larger property in Rohrmoser, San Jose, which she, in turn, remodeled and sold a few months later, to later proceed with another investment in a higher-end property with a closer proximity to nature, leading to even greater possibilities.

In 2019, she arrived in Jacó as a vacation home manager, joining the many dwellers who uprooted to live in this tropical Costa Rican paradise and decided to establish roots in this area. Since then, she has never looked back. Jacó proved to be a land of opportunity where she made her third investment, striking the balance between her personal and professional life that she had been searching for many years. After attaining her license as a certified Real Estate Agent with the Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate Brokers (CCBR), she created her own brand, Yir Blanco Real Estate, integrating her experience in Customer Service, Tourism, Investment, Interior Decorating, Remodeling with her love of her home country, Costa Rica. These are key factors that have contributed to her success as a Real Estate agent.

Becoming engaged with her clients goes beyond finding them a home that fits their desires and needs. It entails other aspects, such as trust and and knowledge of the market, staying abreast of construction prices and offerings as well as investment and economic trends in the area. Being able to reach her apex of helping her customers sell or purchase their new homes is what she enjoys most about her work.

As a realtor, she hopes to execute her own estate investment project, since construction is another area of interest and where she hopes to enter and position her brand in the short term. In addition to Yirlania ́s passion for nature, she enjoys spending her free time with her young daughter, whom she is already training to follow in her mother ́s footstesps and embrace the values, challenges and determination required for becoming an assertive adult. Her pastimes also include horse-riding and cycling on trails along nearby State Parks and absorbing the beautiful landscapes of Costa Rica.